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Wāhine Toa - a strong Ngāi Tahu woman with 3D glasses on, emerging out of Aoraki Maunga and staring intently at the future. Maui is above her - fishing up Te ika a Maui - The North Island.

Tēnā koe - Big Picture Thinking is all about strategic communication utilising the power of illustration. I specialise in using visuals to facilitate change, whether it's shifting public perceptions, fostering team alignment, or simplifying complex ideas.

My approach combines strategy and creativity, translating a shared vision into impactful illustrations to inspire and inform action. These illustrations illuminate the path forward and enable a shared understanding of the necessary steps.

In a world with shrinking attention spans, strategic illustrations stand out as a powerful tool for effective communication. They simplify complexity, bridging the "imagination gap" and making information easily shareable.

Illustrations offer a unique level of engagement, connecting with audiences on a deep, emotional level. They simplify complex ideas and leave a lasting impression, sparking a sense of hope and possibility.

If your business or organisation seeks positive change, needs to convey complex concepts, or aims to connect with the public, I can help you visualise your goals.


Let's collaborate and bring your ideas to life.

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Strategic illustration connects, inspires, and generates alignment


About me

Megan Salole

My experience as a visual future-maker draws on a decade of owning and running a design studio, doing sustainable business and social entrepreneurship.


My other business is with the League of Live Illustrators. If you're organizing an event—a conference, hui, workshop, or celebration—consider bringing our creative flair on board.
We skillfully capture the essence of your event in beautiful works of art. Whether you aim to disseminate event highlights through tweets or want your report-back to be a joy to read, explore how we can elevate your experience.

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