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Climate Change book for kids underway

The book is written and I have done 2 of 12 of the spreads; momentum is building!

I am really excited about getting my book out there. Every day that goes by I am aware how important it is to get it in front of little eyes.

We need to be incredibly careful talking to children about climate change. Most climate change books for kids start with lots of serious and life-threatening facts about what is happening to the world.

This book instead starts with what happened to us.

Climate change can be incredibly scary and overwhelming for anyone, let alone a child. We can't risk sending our kids into a spiral of anxiety. They need to be well-prepared for their lives with a hopeful heart and a vision for the change they want to see in the world. That is the purpose of this book: it lays a foundational narrative for other information about climate change (and other social and environmental issues) to layer on top of.

We won't arrive at a kinder, flourishing world in harmony with nature unless we conjure it up first in our hearts and imaginations.

This book will inspire young folk to imagine a more hopeful connected world, and will reinforce that every small step we collectively make gets us ever closer to that destination.

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