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Healthy Families Ōtautahi Christchurch

Healthy Families Ōtautahi Christchurch is busy arm of the Sports Canterbury team. Their strategic vision is immense. Through engagement with the local community, they seek to reduce the onset of chronic diseases, by reducing alcohol related harm, reduce smoking related harm, increasing physical activity, improving access to healthy kai and improving mental wellness and resilience. No small feat, but they stoke the fires of possibility and potential by doing top-knotch Leadership and Governance, investing in Partnerships and Engagement and conducting excellent Research and Evaluation.

The main illustration articulated the full vision and all the dimensions that make it up. Each strategic area had it own detailed image which was used in the reports and communication collateral to help bring to life a world where people are actually experiencing and living their lives actively. It looks joyful and like they are living in a future world state where there is a high tolerance for accepting people as they are, and people are confident and happy doing activities that are good for them, and create community at the same time.

It looks very local - the faces and bodies of everyday people. It is very joyful; it was a real pleasure to bring this vision to life.

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