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The Dreams of a Moa book is getting out and about - it is about to have its first Christmas as a stocking filler. My daughter has taken to using the cussword SHAZBAD, which I think is a good addition to any family lexicon. People have only said lovely things so far about the illustrations. Here is a sweet review of my illustrations from the Sapling.

"I think the double-page spread at the end of the story with moa factoids and cheeky illustrations was a great addition to the book. And, speaking of illustrations, there’s definitely no mistaking the setting for this story. I adored our main character’s gorgeous lampshade covered with native flora, the Māori place name stickers on the moa suitcase, and the te reo labels on the ‘Inshrinkinator’ that the moa used to turn themselves into kiwi.

The moa-print endpapers were beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed spotting the moa footprint motif all throughout the book (as the handles on a nightstand, the print on a blanket, and patterned on the little boy’s shirt, backpack, and shorts). Megan Salole injects plenty of humour into each page—I particularly loved the kiwi using its legs to paint a moa’s nails Barbie-pink, and the sophisticated pinky fingers/feathers sticking out during high tea."

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