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NGĀI TAHU: Showing why streaming sucks.

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Ngāi Tahu brought me on to help communicate their alternative vision for an education system that works better for everyone. They want to give rangatahi an empowered pathway through the education system, free from racism and unconscious bias.

Streaming not only produces bad academic results for the streamed kids, it has the unintended consequence of reinforcing racist stereotypes.

Our current education policy asserts that grouping people into same ability classes produces the best outcomes for everyone. Research shows that the opposite is true. That is because of two simple facts 1.we learn when we teach 2. we fear what is unknown.

Putting together mixed ability teams in the classroom enables young people to teach and learn from each other. This can be mana-enhancing for all of the students, taking away the fear of the 'other'. When a teacher shows cultural competency, leading the class work in teams, the whole class can thrive. These are the necessary conditions to dismantle bias and racism; creating intimacy and facilitating connection within the teams. Some new teaching skills and cultural competencies are going to need to be fostered.

I communicated how this cyclical system works in a series of images - showing both the problem and the solution.

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